10 High Cholesterol Foods

With high cholesterol, you will have to give up several products. Eliminate - or significantly reduce consumption. Below is a list of the “great” ten most unhealthy foods. fatty cholesterol cholesterol diet what are the worst foods for high cholesterol?

10 High Cholesterol Foods

Many have heard that high cholesterol is dangerous to health. But not everyone knows what exactly needs to be done and what exactly to limit oneself to.


Foods that raise cholesterol

1. Margarine

Margarine is a vegetable solid, hydrogenated fat, the so-called trans fat, which is harmful to human health, and should be borne in mind not only by sick people but also by perfectly healthy people. The sooner you cut out trans fats, the better. Hydrogenated fats increase the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood.

2. Sausage

Most sausages are made from pork, which is high in cholesterol. Not to mention dubious additives that require a separate discussion.

3. Egg yolks

The yolk of a chicken egg is one of the champions in terms of cholesterol content among products. However, there is new evidence that high egg cholesterol is not as bad as meat cholesterol. And there are more pluses from eating yolks than minuses. One lecithin is worth something!

4. Caviar

Yes, yes, a delicacy so appreciated by many people, an ingredient in bread and butter sandwiches so beloved by gourmets, a real pantry of cholesterol!

5. Liver pate

Another by-product (i.e., a product related to the insides of meat, fish, poultry). Without exception, offal contains much more cholesterol than the meat of any other part of the animal's body.

6. Canned fish

Alas, if you love sprats or sardines in oil, you will have to part with love. Or allow yourself these goodies with high cholesterol only on big holidays. Perhaps some consolation is that canned fish in its juice is not dangerous. You can enjoy tuna or cod on the water along with the omega-3 fatty acids they contain.

7. Cheese

Hard cheeses are often fatty and high in cholesterol, so when choosing a variety, give preference to low-fat ones. Stay away from 45-50% cheeses. It is not worth giving up cheese completely, as we need calcium.

8. Processed meat

What is meant? Bacon, canned meats, and other pleasures of life, which are processed meat, are by no means from "skinny" pieces.

9. Fast food

Oh, that fast food! He is always under suspicion, even when we order a light Caesar salad. But the mistrust is justified: fast food restaurants tend to use fatty cuts of meat for burgers and fry in high-cholesterol oil (based on animal fats).

10. Shrimps and Co.

Oysters, clams, mussels, and shrimp are different and quite high in cholesterol. Like real animals, not like fish (it has less cholesterol)!

What foods are high in cholesterol?

Please note that the list contains the most products of animal origin. Plant foods are free of cholesterol, even when they are fatty. In this regard, manufacturers' labels on products of plant origin (sunflower oil, for example) amuse: "Does not contain cholesterol." They can't contain it! ????

If your goal is to lower high cholesterol, the first thing to do is limit your consumption of meat products. It is not at all necessary to become a vegetarian, but the structure of nutrition will have to be thoroughly revised. Yes, in favor of vegetarian food.

However, lowering cholesterol with the right diet is an art. And not just one article.

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