Suitable sedatives without a prescription

Insomnia, apathy, anxiety - these and other symptoms of stress appear when the nervous system is shaken up. In such a state, the quality of life decreases: fatigue and weakness dominate the desire to do something, and lack of sleep provokes unreasonable aggression and anxiety. To overcome the symptoms of anxiety, sedatives, which can be bought at the pharmacy, will help.

Suitable sedatives without a prescription

The nature of stress

Stress is a set of non-specific adaptive (normal) reactions of the body to the impact of various adverse factors. Problems with the team, moving, and the upcoming exam are only some of the things that can affect the nervous system, causing insomnia, anxiety, and other symptoms of stress.

The nature of such a condition can be chronic, acute, or short-term, which is relevant for the selection of treatment. So, if the disorder is not associated with serious mental disorders, sedative drugs without prescriptions are enough. For chronic and severe stress, prescription drugs prescribed by a doctor are required. 

How stress manifests itself

Human reactions are controlled by processes occurring in the nervous system - excitation and inhibition. In normal psychological health, they are balanced, but in the event of a nervous shock, this balance is disturbed.

Depending on which process is activated more strongly, the following appears:

  • Anxiety attacks, irritability, aggression;

  • Sleep disorders;

  • Frequent and abrupt mood swings;

  • Prostration;

  • Apathy;

  • Memory and concentration disorders;

  • Nervous excitement and other signs of stress.

Over-the-counter sedatives restore this balance. The cumulative effect of taking them prevents disruptions in mental health, including during periods of a break between courses.

The effect of sedatives

Fast-acting sedative pills without a prescription reduce the excitability of nerve cells. As the concentration of active substances in the body increases, nervous tension disappears, healthy sleep is restored, and other symptoms of stress disorder are suppressed.

An over-the-counter herbal sedative should be taken in cases of unreasonable anxiety, sleep problems, and unstable moods.

Suppression of irritability is facilitated by preparations based on magnesium carbonate and vitamin B6. Motherwort Forte Evalar and Stressovit capsules, whose main ingredients are linden, motherwort, and hops, have proven their effectiveness. 

Types of antidepressant drugs

All antidepressant drugs are divided into groups:

  • Neuroleptics - suppress psychomotor agitation;

  • Tranquilizers - are an adjuvant when taking antipsychotics. They stop nervous excitement; 

  • Psychostimulants restore activity and vigor;

  • Antidepressants are used to treat depression and other mental disorders.

  • Normal hypothermia drugs - effective in depression associated with chronic affective diseases.

These are prescription drugs that are selected exclusively by a specialist. The list of over-the-counter soothing pills includes amino acids and herbal preparations based on St. John's wort, valerian, motherwort, mint, and chamomile.

The most effective sedatives without prescriptions

For mild psychosomatic disorders, it is useful to take sedatives for the nervous system of an adult without prescriptions. Herbal components and amino acids in the composition of such preparations can quickly relieve psycho-emotional stress, reduce anxiety, increase mental activity, and restore healthy sleep without night awakenings.

The list of sedatives without prescriptions includes preparations with lemon balm and valerian - Dormiplant, Persen, and Novo-Passit.

Certain drugs for nervous tension are suitable for suppressing anxiety attacks and treating nocturnal enuresis in children.

The benefits of pills for nervous tension

The goal of psycho-emotional health is to prevent medications from sedating nerves in the event of mental breakdown. When taken, the body does not react sharply to emotional stimuli, reducing aggressiveness and irritability. At night, it is easier for a person to relax and fall asleep. The quality of rest also improves: insomnia and intermittent sleep disappear. 

Sedative drugs reduce excitability, help to relax, normalize sleep, and prevent neuroses. The tablets have a cumulative effect and are gentle on the body, which distinguishes them from the most potent prescription drugs for this purpose.

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